A Blender Download

You heard of Unity and Blender and want to download them. How? Easy.

Let’s first download Blender.

Go to or click that link. Then, press that blue download button.

Press the blue “Download Blender ____” whatever the current version is.

It will bring you to another page.

You should see a big blue button at the top of the screen that says the exact same thing.

If you want to change your installer, press the button that says, “macOs, Linux, and other versions v ” And change accordingly. It is defaulted to Windows.

Press the big “Download Blender *your current version*” button.

You will then get that download popup. Wait for it to finish downloading.

Then move the .msi file to a specific place in your Files Explorer. Do that by dragging your mouse from the file to the place.

Then double click the file. You will get a nice Setup Wizard.

Just press “Next”, “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”, “Next”, “Next”, and “Install”.

Then, in Blender, just press, “Save New Settings” right after you open.

That’s it!

If you are a complete beginner, I recommend you take a look at Grant Abbit’s YouTube Channel. If you have a little experience, I recommend you take a look at Grant Abbit’s YouTube Channel. Yes. I recommend Grant Abbit’s YouTube channel.

Have a nice day 😃

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