Another Quick Update

Whoops, did I say yesterday that I would upload this in five days? Um…

My plan was to make 25 levels, an introduction animation, an end animation, and a menu. Let’s see…

25 levels18 complete
Introduction animationHas a bad sketch
End animationHave no clue what to put
MenuHaven’t started

I can definitely do this if I do everything nonstop, but I’m not like that. I’m not a robot; I’m not Hamilton. I have bad drawing skills, along with no ideas for new level design!

Now, some people put here: “I/we need your support. Please consider donating or something!” Well, all you need to do is… nothing, I guess. Just expect the game LATER than four days from the release date. Probably at the end of the month. Have a nice day; stay safe.

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