Slime Seek Devlog

Hey guys! Jelly Jelly Bean is making a game called Slime Seek. Because I’m a beginner, it will definitely, totally, conclusively, be the best game you ever played. Yes, that’s totally true. *sarcasm if you don’t know, old folks* So… like many other people, I put devlog for my games!

Jelly Jelly Bean, what is devlog?

Your mind (probably)






I know, my humor is questionable. Well, devlog is how a game develops. So you can follow along on how the game does.

If you think that devlogs are pretty boring, you can go and request something in the comments…



I’m making this game called “Slimy Seek” in Unity.

It’s a multiplayer game. You try to find and touch each other.

I’m making LORE!


What is lore?

Lore is the fantasy.

Where is your game located?

Why are there no jelly beans? (jk)

Why is the sword so important? (etc)

You know what I mean…


The game will be boring without the fantasy. So, a slimeball named Slime Conqueror has ordered it’s slimeball army to separate Cunu and Cana. Cunu has the map directions, and Cana has the compass. They need to meet up to go home, but most of the time the slime balls separate them again.

Doesn’t that seem more interesting?

Yeah, this website looks very UN – interesting

Your mind (probably)

Okay! I know… but that’s sort of lore. That’s what I want to tell you. Lore. Bye, then!

Have a nice day, Jelly Jelly Bean

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